How These All New Rechargeable Hearing Aids Are Helping People Hear Better For Under $100

How These All New Rechargeable Hearing Aids Are Helping People Hear Better For Under $100

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Ugh. It’s 8am on Monday. As if that weren’t bad enough, I woke up to my least favorite feeling in the world: the muffled sound of my wife talking to me (and me not understanding a thing).

If you’ve ever struggled with any degree of hearing loss then you know what I’m talking about.

It feels like you’re underwater while everyone is still above ground. No matter how much you tilt your head and listen closely, your ears simply won’t process it. You struggle to understand and participate in conversation, but it’s just not happening. Your ear is almost blocked with something… and it’s miserable. Frightening, even.

But today… today is different. Today, I rolled over and grabbed a new device that’s quickly become my best friend in my “battle to hear”.

In a matter of days, I’m hearing easier. My ears feel free and open. The gorilla is gone.

For the first time in my life, I’m able to participate in life – naturally, easily, freely. And it’s all thanks to a new OTC device called the EV1 by Audien Hearing.

What is the Audien Hearing EV1?

The Audien EV1 is a revolutionary rechargeable hearing device that reduces background noise and amplifies sounds around you.

The specially designed device EV1 pair uses a unique method to naturally enhance sounds that matter – you can instantly notice the difference first time you wear them.

Even better, the Audien Hearing EV1 is completely safe for anyone to use, and you can get one without visiting a doctor. That’s right – there are no hearing tests or audiologists involved, which means no worrying about crazy high costs (like say, $4,600/pair) plus no long waits for your hearing aids.

In fact, the Audien EV1 uses technology that hearing companies have been using in their products for years… it just hasn’t been available to the public without an expensive prescription. But now, thanks to a team of American innovators, it’s here – and I finally have an easy, affordable way to get the hearing help I need.

Immediately, I noticed I don’t need to turn the volume on the TV as loud… but to me, the best part is knowing I’m more easily able to connect with my family.

How does the Audien EV1 work?

Using the Audien EV1 is easy – it’s like most hearing aids, without all the bells and whistles:

  1. Lower the volume. Before even turning your EV1s on, set the volume near the bottom. This is important to make sure it isn’t too loud as you get started finding the right volume level for your hearing loss.
  2. Turn on your EV1s. Flip the on/off switch to power the device on.
  3. Carefully insert them into your ears. Avoid putting pressure on the microphone to minimize feedback.
  4. Adjust volume as needed. You will need time to find the right volume level.
  5. Try out different ear tips. Each EV1 comes with several size ear tips. Try each one to find optimal comfort and fit.
  6. Plug them in at night. Charge your EV1s when you go to bed to enjoy a full charge every day.

Yes, I know, it sounds like a lot… but trust me: The feeling of relief is fantastic! And even better, I’m actually improving my brain health while I “kick out the gorilla”. 

Of course, you don’t even have to have severe hearing loss to use it. Personally, I use it on a daily basis no matter what – and since I started, I’ve heard sounds I haven’t heard in years (birds chirping, leaves rustling). I’ve also gotten closer with my wife and my daughter.

I even have a friend who uses it to keep their hearing senses sharp — who only has mild hearing loss!

Who can use the Audien EV1?

Naturally, it’s quickly becoming a massive hit among those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

HECK, even people with moderate to severe hearing loss are loving their EV1s (better than going with nothing since they can’t afford $4,600 for a pair of traditional hearing aids)!

The Audien EV1 can help turn you improve your hearing so you can better participate in life.

It’s also become popular among adults age 50-60, who use it to improve hearing in crowded situations like restaurants or other events.

Those who will benefit most from the Audien EV1 include:

  • People with hearing loss (mild to severe)
  • Veterans
  • Musicians
  • Factory workers/ex factory workers
  • People with tinnitus

Finally, it’s even been said to help with other auditory conditions such as Meniere’s Disease and more.

The Audien EV1 gives me relief that no other hearing aid ever has – it’s truly incredible.

I absolutely love my Audien EV1s… not only does they work for me REALLY well, they’re also easy to use… easy to clean… and have amazing customer support. To top it off, there are no batteries to keep buying (like other bulky hearing aids) – because it’s rechargeable, it’s a one-time purchase!

Not only am I happy, but so is my family… and so are thousands of others who are discovering Audien Hearing (they already have more than 200,000 customers)! No wonder they’ve gotten the attention of Business Insider, MarketWatch and more!

While I may never be completely free from hearing loss, at least I can finally manage my symptoms. And I don’t have to pay $5,000 or more to do so. I highly recommend it!

Update: The Audien EV1 is now available on sale – here’s how to activate it!

Big news – Audien has recently given us an exclusive discount code just for our readers, to try the EV1 for an even lower price!

They’re usually only $89/pair, but use code: RECHARGE to get an additional $20 off (so your total is only $69/pair)!

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