This New Company Is Cutting Costs On Hearing Aids By More Than 95%

This New Company Is Cutting Costs On Hearing Aids By More Than 95%

Just how much is the average price of a pair of hearing aids?

According to AARP, they run about $4,600 per pair.

You heard that right.

$4,600 for a pair of hearing aids (a necessity for people with hearing loss).

This is typically the biggest purchase you make in your life aside from your home and vehicle.

Throw in added maintenance costs, replacements, servicing etc. and lifetime you’re spending more on hearing aids than many spend on rent in a year!

That’s why Audien Hearing is cutting the cost on hearing aids by more than 95% with their viral new EV1 and EV3 hearing aids.

They start at only $89/pair (so about $4,500 less than the norm). 

We’ll get into just how they’re able to offer such low prices in a second, but first let’s look at why hearing aid prices have been so high for so long.

Why Are Hearing Aid Prices Usually So High? 

The hearing aid industry is dominated by a few big manufacturers.

They control the market (and the prices), and they sell their products through distributors that make use of audiologists, hearing centers and sales reps.

This leads to a higher level of customization and admittedly more advanced technology, but it also leads to astronomically high prices that most people can’t even afford.

Thus, 80% of Americans who have hearing loss don’t use hearing aids. 

That’s a whopping 32 million people who go without hearing aids just because they cost too much!

Luckily, though, that’s finally starting to change.

How Does Audien Offer Prices That Are So Low?

Recently, the FDA issued a mandate to establish a new category of OTC hearing aids.

This has spurred a handful of new companies that offer one size fits all hearing devices.

Audien Hearing is leading this charge, coming in at the lowest price on the market. 

Unlike traditional hearing aid manufacturers, Audien Hearing sells direct from the factory to the consumer.

This keeps costs as low as possible, so Audien can help as many people as possible to hear again.

Their mission is “to make hearing affordable again.”

About Audien Hearing Aids

Audien Hearing is a startup hearing company founded in Scottsdale, Arizona that has quickly become one of the best-sellers in the world.

Their EV1 hearing aids are currently 40% off listed at only $89/pair, with their EV3 hearing aids costing only $249.

All Audien Hearing products are fully rechargeable, and feature a discreet in ear design.

They’re also quite comfortable, and even more powerful.

Plus, they get rave reviews about their awesome customer service team.

Audien offers a 30 day money back guarantee so there’s no risk.

We recommend giving them a try! Visit to get your pair on sale now.

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