10 Best Rechargeable Hearing Aids

10 Best Rechargeable Hearing Aids

If you’re suffering from hearing loss, you’re certainly not alone. It is also possible that you’re looking for a solution for a loved one who is having trouble hearing. Hearing aids can make a world of difference and allow you, or your loved ones, to hear better once again.

Hearing aids are designed with a special microphone that picks up the sounds around you. Sounds are amplified and then sent through a receiver to your ear canal. The result? You’re able to hear things you wouldn’t have been able to hear otherwise and sounds that would have been very low or muffled will come through clearer and louder.

If you’ve decided that it is time to buy a new hearing aid for yourself or a loved one, you’ve come to the right place. In our article below, we’ll share a comprehensive review of 10 of the best rechargeable hearing aids. Take a few minutes to read through our reviews, and you’ll have the information you need to decide which product will best meet your needs.


Top 10 Rechargeable Hearing Aids


1. Audien Hearing Rechargeable Hearing Aids



  • By far the most affordable hearing aid.
  • These hearing aids are designed using technology similar to what is used to make much more expensive products.
  • Audien’s hearing aids are small and discreet.
  • Both the EV1 and EV3 can help with tinnitus. Since they will make the volume of the environment you’re in seem louder, your tinnitus will be less noticeable.


  • The EV3 model is a little more expensive than the EV1.


Product Overview…


When you’re looking for a rechargeable hearing aid, Audien Hearing offers a few great options to consider. Audien hearing aids are designed using technology similar to what is used to design $5,000 hearing aids. However, their hearing aids are much more affordable.

With their rechargeable batteries, Audien’s hearing aids will remove the hassle of trying to change the batteries and eliminate the additional costs associated with purchasing new batteries for your hearing aid.

Hearing aids from Audien are very small. This means, they’ll be almost completely hidden in your ear and you won’t need to feel self-conscious about wearing a hearing aid.

You’ll also be impressed with how comfortable these hearing aids are. They are designed to fit comfortably, as if they were floating, inside the ear. In fact, they were even rated the most comfortable hearing aid in 2019.

Most importantly, Audien’s hearing aids actually work. They are designed to make it possible for you to hear in a variety of situations, including loud places. The hearing aids will reduce background sounds and increase the volume of speech.

One of the two rechargeable hearing aid models offered by Audien is the EV1. This product has a 20-hour battery life, so it will help you hear for a full day before needing to be recharged. The EV1 is small; it is only about the size of a dime.

When you purchase an EV1, you’ll receive three different size hearing buds that will work with the hearing aid. This will help ensure that you’re able to get a perfect fit from the hearing aid.

You’ll be able to easily adjust the volume of the hearing aid to a level that is comfortable for you. There is a volume control dial on the hearing aid that you can turn until you find the right setting.

The EV3 is the other model offered by Audien. When they designed this model, Audien built on some of the features offered by the EV1 to make an even better hearing aid.

Like the EV1, the EV3 has a rechargeable battery. However, this model features wireless charging. It has the same great 20-hour battery life as the EV1 as well.

The EV3 is smaller than the EV1, making it more discreet and less noticeable. It is also designed to provide enhanced comfort and clearer sound than the EV1.

There are a few final reasons you should consider purchasing the EV1 or EV3 hearing aid from Audien. All orders are shipped for free with prompt service. They also offer a one-year warranty, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and quick and easy returns if you decide their hearing aids aren’t for you.

Audien is a United States-based company that is registered with the FDA.

2. Phonak Audéo Rechargeable Hearing Aids



  • Some of the hearing aids can connect with your Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • They only take about 2 hours to get fully charged.
  • The hearing aid you purchase may last for up to 6 years.


  • None of the rechargeable options are available for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss.



Product Overview…


Phonak Audéo also has a few rechargeable hearing aid options for you to consider.

Theses options are designed using lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, which offer a number of benefits.

The lithium-ion batteries charge very quickly, so you’ll always be able to get right back to what is important. They take just two hours to get fully charged.

Another benefit of the lithium-ion batteries is the long battery life. The battery can last for up to 24 hours on one charge. If you’re in a pinch and need your hearing aid quick, set it up to charge for just 15 minutes and the battery will last for three hours.

Phonak Audéo’s hearing aids are also built to last. They have been tested to last up to 6 years. Their products are also 15% more reliable that hearing aids that are replaceable batteries.

These hearing aids are designed to provide you with excellent audio quality. They will adapt to the sounds in whatever environment you’re in. This means that you won’t need to worry about manually adjusting your hearing aids in different settings.

There are three different rechargeable hearing aids offered by Phonak Audéo. The first is the Phonak Audéo B-R. The B-R in an in-canal hearing aid that offers 60% improved speech understanding and a 10% improvement on soft-speech understanding.

You can even pair the hearing aid with your cell phone to use it as a Bluetooth device for making calls.

The Phonak Bolero Marvel is another rechargeable option. This model is designed for user with mild to severe hearing loss. There are nine different color options to choose from, so you’ll be able to customize the look of your hearing aid.

The Bolero Marvel can connect to smartphones as well as other Bluetooth enabled devices, such as computers or TVs. This means, you’ll be able to clearly hear your favorite TV shows, podcasts, and more with your new hearing aid.

Finally, The Phonak Naída B is another option to consider. This model features SoundRecover2, which is designed to make high-pitched sounds easier to hear while maintaining lower-pitched sounds.

The Naída is available in five different color options. It is designed for users with mild to severe hearing loss.

When you purchase one of Phonak Audéo’s hearing aids, you can also choose one of their smart charging options. They offer a mini charging case. This charger is very compact and has slots where your hearing aids can sit as they charge.

They also offer a charger case. The case is designed to act as a protective hard case, charger, and drying kit.

You can also purchase a power pack. The power pack attaches to the charging case. This will allow you to give your hearing aids a quick recharge when you are away from home and there is not an available power source.

3. ReSound Rechargeable Hearing Aids



  • The ReSound ONE’s Activate Ultra Focus feature helps to amplify the voices nearby.
  • The LiNX Quattro includes a portable charging case.
  • These products charge quickly and will last for a full day or more.


  • Using the hearing aid’s streaming capabilities will reduce the battery life by up to six hours.



Product Overview…


ReSound offers a few Receiver-in-Ear style hearing aids. This style of hearing aid is both discreet and powerful.

ReSound utilized improved technology to power their hearing aids. This allows the battery to last for a full day or more while also ensuring that you’ll be able to hear what is most important to you.

The ReSound ONE is one of the rechargeable hearing aids that is available. The ONE is designed to improve your hearing in all different environment types. It features All Access Directionality which makes sure the hearing aid will pick up sounds no matter where they are coming from.

If you’ve ever been in a noisy space and have had trouble catching what the person sitting in front of you was saying, you’ll appreciate the Activate Ultra Focus feature. This feature helps to amplify the sounds closest to you so you’ll be able to hear them more clearly.

The ONE is also designed to fit in different ear shapes. It will even use the unique shape of your ear to help you hear sounds as they were meant to be heard.

The ReSound LiNX Quattro is the other rechargeable option offered by this company. This model is designed to be very discreet. This will make it less noticeable that you’re wearing a hearing aid.

The rechargeable battery for the LiNX Quattro is designed to last for more than a full day. This means that you can wear the hearing aid all day without worrying about losing a charge.

Even better, the battery in this model recharges very quickly. In just three hours, the battery will be fully charged for up to 30 minutes of use. If you need a quick charge, you can connect the hearing aid to the charger for just 8 minutes, and it will be charged to last for about 30 minutes.

A portable case with a built-in battery is also included when you purchase this option. The case can provide three full charges, making it the perfect accessory to bring to the office, on a trip, or anywhere else you’re going.

The LiNX Quattro can connect to your smart devices to stream audio for you. You can also download the ReSound Smart 3D app which will provide you with notifications regarding the battery life and its progress when charging.

4. Oticon Rechargeable Hearing Aids



  • You can connect Oticon’s hearing aids to your smartphone and other smart devices.
  • The hearing aids come with an easy-to-use charging case.
  • They offer rechargeable hearing aids for children as well as adults.


  • These models are more expensive than some other products we reviewed.



Product Overview…


Oticon’s rechargeable options are designed to provide you with top-quality sounds. Their products can also be connected with your other devices to improve your listening experience on phone calls, when watching TV, when listening to a podcast, and more.

The lithium-ion battery in these products is designed to last for a full day. At the end of the day, just place your hearing aid inside the charger and after just three hours, they will be fully charged and ready to go. If you need it charged more quickly, place it in the charger for 30 minutes and the battery will be ready for up to six hours of use.

The Oticon OPN S family of hearing aids are designed to provide a 360-degree experience; they will pick up on sounds from all directions. They will also help improve your ability to understand speech, and will even put it on par with that of a person with normal hearing. This model also features OpenSound Optimizer technology which is designed to prevent that annoying whistling sound you hear with some other products.

Oticon also offers rechargeable options in the Oticon Ruby family. The hearing aids in the Ruby family are designed to provide excellent sound quality. They are also very easy to connect to all of your smart devices, so you’ll be able to hear what is most important. There are five different style and color options to choose from in the Ruby family, so you’ll be able to find the best option to meet your needs and preferences.

In addition to the options above for adults, Oticon also offers rechargeable hearing aid options for children. Their Oticon Opn Play is designed to help improve the quality of life for hearing impaired children. It can help them experience and enjoy their world.

The Opn Play is designed to amplify sounds from all directions. It will also help children distinguish between irrelevant sounds and those that are actually important. Additionally, it can help them pick up on speech more easily in loud environments.

Oticon’s hearing aids come with a charging case. Just insert the batteries into the charging port, and they will automatically begin to charge. There is an LED light that will let you easily see if they have finished charging.

5. Beltone Rechargeable Hearing Aids



  • Beltone offers four different rechargeable hearing aid options to help users find the best fit for their needs.
  • The hearing aids can be connected with the Beltone Remote Care app which can help you adjust your hearing aid, receive a virtual tuning for your hearing aid, or connect with someone at Beltone for assistance.
  • You can find rechargeable hearing aids designed for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss.


  • The Beltone Boost, which is the option available for individuals with severe-to-profound hearing loss is only available in a behind-the-ear style.



Product Overview…


Beltone offers four different rechargeable models for you to consider. They are the Beltone Image, the Beltone Amaze, the Beltone Trust, and the Beltone Boost Ultra.

The Beltone Imagine is designed to provide you with a tailored experience. This model features Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear (M&RIE) technology. It is designed to fit in your ear in such a way that it is able to allow you to hear sounds as nature intended.

The Imagine can be connected with all of your smart devices. This will help you hear the person on the other end of the phone more clearly and can help you hear the TV without blasting the volume.

The technology used to create this option also helps to deliver amazing sound quality. It can help make sounds more natural and enhance speech sounds with the Ultra Focus program.

The Beltone Amaze is designed for individuals with mild-to-severe hearing loss. It was designed using micro-processing technology that helps to provide clear and rich sounds in a variety of environments.

You can connect this hearing aid to your smartphone. This connectivity will allow you to easily hear music you’re streaming, a person on a phone call, or even directions from an app on your phone.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery in this model will last for a full day. Beltone worked with Google to develop technology that preserves the battery, allowing it to last for up to 12 hours when streaming using Bluetooth.

Another option to think about is the Beltone Trust. This option is available for individuals with mild-to-severe hearing loss. Like Beltone’s other products, you can connect this option to a smartphone or tablet.

It is designed to mimic the way our ears naturally process sounds to provide you with the best audio experience. It also includes a feature called Feedback Eraser with Whistlestop which eliminates whistling and other feedback sounds while still preserving the quality of other sounds.

You can purchase the Beltone Trust in a variety of hearing aid styles and eight different skin and hair tones.

Beltone’s final rechargeable option is the Beltone Boost Ultra. This model is designed for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss. It is designed to make speech clearer in different settings so you can focus in on what is most important.

The Boost Ultra can be connected with a variety of smart devices including Android phones, iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. It can also connect with the Beltone Remote Care app which will allow you to adjust your hearing aid or connect with someone at Beltone for support.

6. Signia Rechargeable Hearing Aids




  • Signia offers a variety of styles and features for different needs and preferences.
  • The hearing aids can be connected to smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs to stream audio.
  • The lithium-ion batteries used in the hearing aids allow them to recharge quickly and help them to have a long usable life.


  • After you’ve had your hearing aid for a while, the battery life will start to decrease.



Product Overview…


Signia offers five different rechargeable hearing aids for you to choose from. The rechargeable models include the Styletto X, the Pure Charge&Go X, the Styletto Connect, the Pure Charge&Go Nx, the Motion Charge&Go Nx, and the CROS Pure Charge&Go Nx.

Signia’s products feature Bluetooth connectivity; you will be able to use your hearing aid to stream audio or phone calls from your smartphone, smart TVs, and other devices.

The Pure Charge&Go X features acoustic-motion sensor technology. They are designed to help you hear in a variety of situations, allowing you to easily engage in conversations with others. This model comes with a case that doubles as a charger for the hearing aids. You’ll also be able to control your hearing aids through the app on your smartphone.

They Styletto is the world’s first slim receiver-in-the-can hearing aid. It features an elegant and discreet design that is comfortable to wear. You can purchase this product in dark granite and silver, cosmic blue and rose gold, or snow white and rose gold.

Signia’s Styletto Connect is another option to look at. This product is designed to be lightweight and discreet. A portable charging case is included with your purchase; the case will allow you to charge the hearing aids for up to three times if you’ll be away from a power source. This model also includes Signia’s Own Voice Processing feature that will process your voice separate from other sounds without amplifying it.

With the Pure Charge&Go Nx, you won’t need to worry about your voice getting distorted or amplified too much by the hearing aid since this model also includes the Own Voice Processing feature. A benefit of this model is the wireless recharging. The Pure Charge&Go is available for individuals with mild to severe hearing loss.

If you lead an active lifestyle, consider the Motion Charge&Go. This model is designed with a very durable housing. It can also be quickly charged while you sleep and features wireless charging.

The CROS Pure Charge&Go is designed to provide assistance to individuals with unaidable hearing loss in one of their ears. This model will become fully charged overnight while you sleep. You’ll simply need to place them on their charger and charging will start automatically.

7. Widex Rechargeable Hearing Aids




  • WIDEX’s hearing aids are designed to help you hear natural and pure sounds.
  • The MOMENT is available as a receiver-in-canal or in-the-ear style hearing aid.
  • There are a variety of different color options for each hearing aid style.


  • Depending on which model you select, you may only receive a one-year warranty.



Product Overview…


Widex is another company that offers impressive rechargeable hearing aids. The company’s goals are to provide people with products that will help them live their lives to the fullest. Their rechargeable hearing aid is called the WIDEX MOMENT.

The MOMENT is designed to deliver natural and pure sounds to the user. It eliminates the problems faced with most hearing aids of out of sync signals that result in you hearing artificial sounds.

To meet the needs and preferences of all individuals, there are three different versions of the MOMENT available for purchase. Three of these options are receiver-in-canal models and three in-the-ear models. You should be able to select the option that will provide you with the most comfortable fit and best performance for your personal situation.

Each of the different styles come in a variety of colors. The in-the-ear models are available in beige, dark brown, and medium brown. This will help you to find the tone that most closely matches your skin color for a more discreet look.

The three receiver-in-canal models come in 13 different colors. There are plenty of neutral colors if you want to avoid drawing attention to your hearing aid. However, if you are looking for something with a little pop and color, you can also choose to purchase these three models in sporty red, deep blue, shocking pink, or Mediterranean turquoise.

8. Starkey Rechargeable Hearing Aids




  • WIDEX’s hearing aids are designed to help you hear natural and pure sounds.
  • You can have a hearing aid custom-made to fit your ear.
  • Portable charging options are available.


  • Some of the custom options will end up costing quite a bit.


Product Overview…


You will also find some quality options to consider from Starkey. Their products are designed to work all day off of a single charge. They also offer portable charging options, so you won’t need to worry about your hearing aids dying if you are going to be away from a power source.

When you purchase a hearing aid from Starkey, you can also try their Mini Turbo Charger, a pocket-size lithium-ion charger. This device will fully charge many of the hearing aid models in less than three hours. It will also be able to fully charge your hearing aids four times before needing to get recharged itself.

One of the rechargeable options offered by Starkey is the Livio Edge AI. This hearing aid is designed to boost speech sounds to help you hear them above other noise. It can also be used to stream phone calls, music, or other audio. The artificial intelligence features offered by this model allow it to connect with your smartphone to use as a fitness tracker, detect falls and send alerts, help you set reminders, and so much more.

The Livio AI is another hearing aid you may be interested in. Like the Livio Edge AI, this model also uses artificial intelligence to track different information for you and help you stay organized. The hearing aid also offers a special mask mode that is designed to help you hear and understand people who are speaking with a face mask on.

The Picasso model is a custom piece designed to provide a perfect fit in your exact ear. The customized fit of this model makes it very comfortable and allows it to deliver superb sound quality. It can also be used for streaming phone calls, TV, and other audio from a smart device.

9. Unitron Rechargeable Hearing Aids




  • The Moxi All can be connected with smartphones to stream audio and help you hear more clearly on phone calls.
  • You can remove the rechargeable battery and temporarily replace it with a disposable one if your battery dies.
  • Unitron’s hearing aids use SoundCore technology to help you hear clearly in different environments.


  • There are only two hearing aid styles to choose from. Some other companies offer more options in rechargeable models.


Product Overview…


Unitron offers three different rechargeable hearing aid models. Something unique about their products is that you have the option to remove the rechargeable battery and put in disposable batteries. This is a great feature; you can have a back up set of disposable batteries ready to use if your rechargeable battery dies before you’ll be able to recharge it.

The three rechargeable models you can choose from are the Moxi All, the Moxi Fit R, and the Stride M R. Both the Moxi All and Moxi Fit are receiver-in-canal models.

They both feature SoundCore technology. This technology uses four different features to help make adjustments to allow you to hear clearly in a variety of different environments.

There are a number of color choices available for each Moxi model to allow you to express yourself or choose a model that will be more discreet and blend in with your hair or skin.

The Moxi All is their newest model and offers connectivity with mobile phones to allow you to stream audio or hear more clearly on a phone call.

The Stride M R is a behind-the-ear hearing aid. It also utilizes SoundCore technology to adjust the sounds in your environment to help you hear as clearly as possible. There are six different color options to choose from for this model.

10. Philips Rechargeable Hearing Aids




  • There are six different color options available.
  • The hearing aids have a USB port for quick and convenient charging if you’re away from your charging station.
  • The SoundMap Noise Control feature helps amplify speech sounds so they are easier to hear and understand.


  • Philips only offers one rechargeable model.


Product Overview…


Last, but not least, you may also want to take a look at the Philips rechargeable hearing aid modes. Philips hearing aids feature HearLink, their revolutionary technology that is designed to help you hear sounds around you with more clarity. HearLink offers noise control, amplification, and feedback cancellation to make sure you hear what you need to hear and not all the extra background noise that you don’t.

The rechargeable hearing aid offered by Philips is the miniRITE T R. This is an in-the-ear style hearing aid that is designed to help users with mild to severe hearing loss.

The miniRITE T R is designed to be very simple and discreet. You’ll hardly notice that you’re wearing this model and others won’t be able to tell you have a hearing aid it.

When fully charged, the battery in this model should last for a full day. It can be fully recharged in just 3 hours. A contact-free charging station can be used with this model. It also features an integrated USB 2.0 port that will allow you to easily charge your hearing aid when you are traveling or away from your charging station.

One of the features this hearing aid offers is the SoundMap Noise Control. The hearing aid has a twin-microphone that works to pick up the speech sounds that are closest to you, so you can always hear the conversations that are important.

Another feature of this hearing aid is the SoundMap Feedback Canceller. The feedback detector in the hearing aid works to prevent that whistle sound you hear with so many hearing aids.

The miniRITE T R can also be connected to smart devices like iPhones and iPads. The hearing aid also enhances low-frequency sounds, such as those from TVs or cell phones, to provide you with better sound quality that is easier to understand.

Hearing aids are a necessity for many individuals. They allow them to hear sounds that otherwise would sound too quiet, muffled, or that they wouldn’t be able to hear at all. Rechargeable hearing aids are more convenient than traditional models where you need to frequently replaced the battery.

However, not all rechargeable batteries are the same. There are many different styles, functions, and features that you’ll want to consider before making a purchase. Read through our buying guide below to help you choose which of the rechargeable hearing aids we reviewed above is right for you.

Hearing Aid Type


The first decision you’ll need to make is which type of hearing aid would be the best match for your hearing needs and preferences. There are five main styles that you’ll find from different manufacturers.

  • Receiver-in-the-canal: These hearing aids may also be referred to a mini-behind-the-ear, receiver-in-the-ear, or canal receiver technology (CRT) hearing aids. With this style of hearing aid, the speaker is directly inside the user’s ear canal. An earmold and thin wire help to keep everything in place.

This style of hearing aid is generally pretty comfortable and prevents your ears from feeling too plugged up, as they might with other styles. However, these models are not ideas for users with more profound hearing loss as they don’t allow for as much amplification.

  • Traditional behind-the-ear: Hearing aids of this style have a case that lays behind the ear. All the hearing aid’s electronic components are inside this case. There is tubing that goes between the case and the receiver in the air, and sounds are sent through this tubing.

This style can be a good option for individuals with more severe hearing loss since they are able to amplify both low- and high-frequency sounds pretty good. They are also easy to clean and don’t provide a lot of annoying feedback sounds. This style may be more visible; if you are looking for a more discreet option it is probably not the best choice.

  • Completely-in-the-canal: These hearing aids are designed to fit deeper in the ear canal than many other models. This makes this much less visible than some other models. They are also less sensitive to picking up wind sounds and don’t offer too much feedback when you’re talking on the phone.

However, they do not have directional microphones, which are a feature found in larger hearing aids that helps to reduce background sounds. Also, since they’re so small, they can be difficult to adjust or could get lost easily.

  • In-the-canal: These hearing aids don’t go quite as deep as completely-in-the-canal models, but they still sit pretty deep in and are less noticeable than other models. Some of them may be large enough to offer directional microphones to help drown out background noise.

One downside of this style is that they are not as comfortable as other models. They can also experience moisture issues and the receiver may get clogged up with earwax.

  • Traditional in-the-ear: Hearing aids of this style are a larger model that sits completely in the outer ear. Since these are larger than other models that sit in the ear canal, they have enough room for other features like wireless streaming or a directional microphone.

On the other hand, these hearing aids are more visible than other models. They also may not be as powerful as some of the options.

Hearing Aid Features


Next, you will want to pay attention to the different features offered by the models you are considering. Look for features such as a directional microphone to help make sounds nearby louder than those farther away, feedback suppression that will reduce that annoying whistling sound associated with so many hearing aids, and digital noise reduction (DNR) to reduce background noise.

You may also want to look for models that offer Bluetooth connectivity. These models will enable you to stream audio from your smart devices. They can also be used as a Bluetooth receiver for phone calls.

Battery Life

Paying attention to the battery life of each of the models you’re considering will also be important. Look for products that will last at least a full day before needing to be recharged. This way, you can just charge you hearing aids overnight and won’t have to worry about finding a way to charge them when you need them during the day.

Charging Options

Finally, consider the different charging options that are available for each product you have your eye on. Is wireless charging available? Can you purchase a portable charger to have in your purse, workout bag, or at the office?

So, now you may be wondering which rechargeable hearing aid is our top pick? While we think all 10 of the companies we featured in our review make a quality product that will help improve your hearing and, thus, your quality of life, Audien’s EV3 is our favorite product.

We like the EV3 because of its small and discreet size. It is also designed to be comfortable, so you’ll hardly feel like you’re wearing a hearing aid at all.

Audien’s hearing aids work well. They help limit background noise and increase the volume of speech, allowing you to more clearly hear what is important.

The EV3 has a 20-hour battery life and features wireless charging. So, simply place it on the charger at the end of the day before you go to bed, and it will be ready for the next day.

One of the best things about the EV3 is the price. While it is designed using similar technology that is used to make $5,000 hearing aids, you can get it for a small fraction of the cost.

With Audien’s 30-day money-back guarantee and one-year warranty, you really have nothing to lose! Place your order today; you’ll be glad you did!

Frequently Asked Questions

A number of features can impact how long a hearing aid will last. Some of these features include how you use and take care of your hearing aid, the device style, and the company that produced it. However, the average length of time that most hearing aids will last is between three and seven years.

If you’ve been questioning whether you should purchase a hearing aid, here are a few signs of hearing loss to look for.

  • Thinking that people are speaking too softly or mumbling too much
  • Asking people to repeat their last sentence
  • Turning up the volume of the TV or radio higher than someone else had it set
  • Finding it more difficult to understand a person you are speaking to on the phone

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, a hearing aid should help you amplify sounds so you can hear better.

Lithium-ion batteries are more efficient and able to provide more power than other types of batteries. This means that the charge of hearing aids with lithium-ion batteries will last longer than models that use other types of rechargeable batteries. Lithium-ion batteries can be recharged hundreds of times and don’t need to be fully discharged before recharging.

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